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Well, it’s been a hell of a couple of weeks. A bit of a rollar coaster to say the least but it’s safe to say we are:

1. Officially Married (see photo)

🙂 hitched

2.  Back in Tokyo

We’re tired to say the least and I thought I’d put into this a bit of evidence attesting to our exhaustion just so we have it on record.

We got home yesterday evening and unpacked bags.  Luke put my clothes on the bed and I was going to put them into my closet.  It turns out I came home with just a little bit more than I left with and well… I was pretty positive it wasn’t going to all fit in and really folding wasn’t going to happen and yet we needed to be able to sleep in our bed soooo I may have just shoved it all in.  I should mention that I have two closets and a shoe room, yes room… And i may or may not have come home with 12 pairs of shoes… and three hats.. among .. other.. things.. it was quite a lot of stuff.

So here are some photos of what exhausted unpacking looks like:

Closet 1… oh the horror

The mountain of closet 2

I am happy to report that slightly better rested I decided to give the unpacking another go.  Prepare to be amazed – here are the after photos:


The mountain into a molehill.. or maybe just nicely folded organised piles

Sorry, no pics of the shoe room.. it’s not quite ready for public viewing yet. 🙂