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Have you ever experienced black bottom pie?  Yes I mean experienced, not tasted; because it is truly more of an experience than a simple eating of a slice of pie.


For me pie is almost sacred.  A part of our family history and deeply entwined with good times, holidays and a sugar rush.  Pretty sure I can’t choose a favorite but on the list would most definitely be Black Bottom Pie.   This pie is linked with memories of fancy outfits, late evening coffees and time with people I love most all at the infamous Brown Palace.  While back on our holiday we convinced our parents (both sets) to venture out for this food of the gods, after an awesome dinner, in order to extend the evening a bit. We each were served about a quarter of the pie.

On our return to Tokyo – I was craving it.  Sadly our kitchen isn’t really equipped for much.  We lack an oven and beaters and a whisk.  In fact we only had 2 butter knives until recently when we bought another two as we had guests in town.

Anyway, long story short – it was going to be mighty hard to make a pie.  Especially the crust.   Lowe – I walked into the grocery store one day and was sent a sign that it was meant to be – I would be introducing our Tokyo kitchen to black bottom goodness.  There in the freezer was a pie crust in all it’s frozen glory calling out to me to figure out how to fill it with chocolate and custard and cream.

In excitement I went around picking up the rest of the ingredients I thought I’d need.  Eggs and vanilla for the custard, some corn flour to thicken it and of course chocolate for the bottom layer.  Whip cream was a bit more difficult.  I have no way to whip real cream and well, the canned variety here looks like it’s been there since 1959 and is really quite expensive.  So I tried the Japanese alternative.  Powdered whip cream!! (it’s amazing btw, tastes quite realistic!)

After gathering all the filling I headed back to grab my pie crust only to realize that frozen pie crust still needs to be baked… I still don’t have an oven.  Hmm.  Back to the drawing board I went to the cookie aisle and bought two packs of oreos!  Excellent!  Just take out the cream, crumble them up – voila, a pie crust! 🙂  No baking necessary.

Ready, Set, Pie

Now, ready to make my pie.  Tune in to the next post for the rest of the pie story and more photos!