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And we’re back.  This is the second perhaps more amusing half of my pie post.  Let’s start off with a picture of what I was aiming for:


Beautiful, custard-y, chocolate-y, whip creamed goodness right there on that plate.  Now we know already that my pie will be a bit different.  Not having an oven but having purchased all the ingredients for a filling I will be making my crust from the crumbs of oreos, de frosted and crushed up!

Oreos sans cream!

It was about this time that I realized, I don’t have a pie tin.  Or any plate really that would work for my pie crust.  Oh well, not to worry, we’ll just make individual pies and do it in my rice bowls!

1 pie per person!

Next I made the custard.  I’m pretty good at custard actually, we used to make it fairly regularly in Brisbane.  That was when I had a whisk.  Here I have no whisk and metal forks ruin my pans so I stirred it with two plastic forks back to back (full credit to my mom for her input in the make shift whisk making process).  Sadly my fork didn’t really cut it and the custard turned out a bit lumpier than usual…. we were going well.

On that bit of success I decided to try my hand at melting the chocolate and making the sauce to go over the base.  Here’s a photo of my custard and pre-chocolate sauce

Lumpy Custard…. yum

I should point out two things here.  One is that I did get the custard to smooth out a bit more and secondly the purchasing of chocolate buttons here was a bit challenging.  There were two types to choose from.  Bitter and Sweet.  As I hate dark chocolate I went for Sweet.  Even the buttons on the package looked most definitely milky.  As my chocolate melted I tasted a bit and determined that I would never want to taste the bitter.  The sweet buttons seemed to be almost 70% cocoa tasting and very very rich.  I added milk and sugar and stirred and stirred finally getting it to a sauce that wouldn’t make me cringe.

Next I got my pie crusts from the fridge where they had been setting and poured in the custard.  Whoops.  Remember how that chocolate sauce was meant to cover the bottom crust.  That’s why they call it black BOTTOM pie? Yes, after all that hard work I got myself a bit mixed up and forgot to put in the chocolate before the custard and so I simply put it on top and decided I was making black TOP pie.

Black Top Pie almost finished

Why not.  Now to finish things off I made up my powdered whip cream from the box, which came complete with a piping bag and little plastic tip! It was quite good actually, very close to that real cream taste if not a bit stickier and shinier.  By this time Luke was home and so he took a photo of me making cream… I should mention I was out of dishes by now so I made it in the lid of a take out container.  I did wash it first though. Oh and we also had Pizza for dinner too… extravagant evening! 🙂

Making Cream

I did try to use the piping bag to put it on but the chocolate was too slippery and I couldn’t get the cream to stay in one place.  Back of the spoon spreading won out as at this point I was admittedly over the pie thing.  So here’s what the finished pie looked like a bit closer up.

Sort of finished pie.

A truly far cry from my aim.  Nonetheless it tasted alright.  I thought the chocolate was still too strong and well… It didn’t really taste anything like black bottom pie. It did curb my craving though.  We’re still on the hunt for good pie here, that or an apartment with an oven and perhaps I’ll buy a whisk.