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Since moving to Japan I’ve had a bit more time on my hands, i.e.  technically no job.  I do teach english here and there but really up until this last month it wasn’t that much and still I find I have time on my hands.

I had grand plans when we came here and I knew I would have a bunch of time.  How many of you out there working long hard days pray for just a little bit of time that you could spend really seriously tackling those annoying, tedious tasks around your house or in your life? I certainly was one of those people.  I dreamed of well organised closets, music files, to read all the books I’d planned to and catch up on my favorite shows, perhaps I’ll even start to write letters regularly, or draft that novel I’m always planning to write some day, I’ll learn to paint, sew and speak Japanese fluently, I thought.  Not at all unrealistic!

While it’s true that I have written a few more cards and notes while semi-unemployed, it still takes months for them to meet a stamp and mailbox.  Similarly my music files are still a bit of a disaster.  In fact I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to make them worse.  With a burst of motivation I finally merged them with Luke’s on our fandangled new external hard drive so we could both have all our music easily accessible.  Brilliant right?  Yes it definitely is brilliant, here we are now, never having to look for another piece of music.

Except for the fact that we’ve never used the same naming conventions and so everything is a giant mess and we can’t tell where our duplicates are and are having to go through file by file to find them.  Chaos Nightmare.


This is a prime example of what happens when you have too much time on your hands. Plan to tackle giant projects and make order from chaos, promptly make more chaos, then decide to sort it all out tomorrow.  Why not, you’ve got plenty of time right?

So my question is… what’s wrong with a bit of chaos?  It certainly keeps things interesting.  Don’t worry about answering now… we’ve got plenty of time – why do today what you can put off tomorrow.