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Isn’t the world amazing.  People are amazing.  Almost everyday I’ve read an article or been sent a clip or heard a story of how someone has done something extraordinary or invented something we could hardly imagine the day before.

My grandfather sent me an email the other day about this:

A pen computer.  Sure it’s just a prototype now but chances are it wont be long before similarly amazing technology will be on the market for consumers.  If it’s shaped like a pen I’m garunteed to loose it so maybe they could have it beep when you’re nearby or something.  Anyway it’s amazing.

Google is another organisation which is consistantly producing innovative and interesting applications and enhancements to their services.  Although the discontinued their Google Labs service almost a year ago now, it’s not hard to find surprising things their doing just by looking through the homescreen menus.

The thing that got me thinking about all this was a blog I saw by Tourism Queensland.  The link to it is here and it’s all about the extension of streetview on Google maps to underwater street view.  Seriously, they’ve taken cameras underwater on the Great Barrier Reef and shot some really cool areas.  You can swim around just like you can move around in street view.  Definitely worth trying it out for yourself.  The link I provided to the blog above has the direct links to it and a cool video to watch if you just want the overview of what you could see rather than swimming around on your own.

Anyway, I’m not sure how practically useful it is as a feature, but generally I think it’s pretty cool.  So what’s been inspiring you lately?


Image thanks to http://www.hoax-slayer.com/images/pen-computer-4.jpg