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I’m making an effort to update this a bit more often.  No promises.

In light of this I’ll fill you all in on part of where I’ve been.  I’m cheating on my blog.  I’ve been writing articles for a website called Japan Tourist as a Regional Contributor.  So far they’ve published three of them, one on Asakusa another on Ameyoko and finally one on Roppongi.  I have a few in editing as well so hopefully they will also be published in the near future.   Anyway, it’s kind of fun and exciting to have something real out there.

Otherwise I’m also job hunting for a day job to add to the whole teaching gig which has been keeping me busy but has also introduced me to a few people who are lovely.

In other news I’m very excited for the next season of Grey’s to come out. And any other new shows too will be fun.  Let me know what your season favorites are.