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This one will be short and sweet.

There are robots living among us.  Hang on, is it among or amongst – I’ve never really known the difference…. and here I am teaching english.  Anyway.  The Robots, yes, they’re there surfing the blogisphere and leaving comments on posts which, if they’re really clever robots, fall into our spam filter for our approval.

I really appreciate how protected my blog is from the robots most of the time but I must admit I get a surge of pleasure seeing a comment from these robots awaiting my dismissal.  If the jumbled jargon in their message isn’t enough their usernames are sure to provide at least a semblance of hilarity.  For example today I dismissed one from ‘Foot Fetish.’  Lovely little FF complimented me on my ‘constitutionally strong enjoyable articles and posts’ and assured me that she (or he) would, ‘subscribe to my meaningful important works’ as she (or he) knew I would make a difference to ‘financial systems’ everywhere.  Thank you robot.  I appreciate you.  You bring joy to my days.

I could go on… but I did say this would be short and sweet.  🙂

Photo credit thanks to: dealbreaker.com