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I’ve had a revelation   You know how when you’re young and going through that rebellious teen attitude phase where you try to look scary and hardcore on the outside and really on the inside you’re kind of more like a tiny mouse in the corner who would really just like some cheese?  (I admit I may have gotten a little carried away with my metaphor there.) ANYWAY, surely you remember that time.  And I’m sure that in that time (if not many other times in your life) you craved a tattoo!

What could be more hardcore than a permanent expression of your teen angst splayed across your body for the world to see!  Even more reason to be sullen and surly and now you wont have to explain yourself! Brilliant!

You know you felt like that once; and maybe it didn’t even go away.  For the most part though, for most people, I imagine those feelings at least faded some.  In any case they did for me.  Okay enough babbling.

My revelation – The “what about when you get married, you don’t want it to see it when you’re in your wedding dress” argument was always strong for me (though now I’m not so sure why that was) against using my skin as a canvas and thus I am currently tattoo free.  HOWEVER!! NOW…. *drum roll* I’m married! 🙂 Hah!  The wedding dress argument no longer applies!  That little snowflake I’ve always wanted embedded in me can be mine!

Now before you all freak out with more arguments against or revived arguments for, you should be aware that in Japan tattoos don’t get the same credit or reputation they do in Australia or the States.  They’re usually symbols identifying you as part of a not so good group you don’t want to be associated with and thus they aren’t a good idea.  So I wont be getting one while we’re here.  Plus, the whole needles thing still freaks me out a bit.  and all in all I’m pretty sure I’ll never get one.

But that’s not the point.  The point is… NOW, I can. 🙂