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My parents recently confessed that they would like to enter a life of crime.  

Inspired by the myriad of political signage and propaganda prolific in residential neighbors they tell me they have a pulling desire to draw mustaches and glasses on political candidates or similar such epitaphs.  

In the interest of privacy I will refrain from going into details.  I can say however that I’ve recommended virtual vandalism as a method of therapy to sway them from any serious permanent records, but if you see smily faces strewn across signs in your local area, it could be their handy-work. 

Who knows where this could lead.  Vandalism of political propaganda is a gateway crime on the slippery slope to more outlandish out bursts.  Not that any of us could blame them really.  Who isn’t sick of hearing about or seeing the polished faces and whitened teeth of these candidates.  And plus, both my parents could look quite nice in stripes! 🙂 


*disclaimer – this is of course written in jest and nothing has or will transpire…. we hope.