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What puts you into the holiday spirit?

Is it the Christmas carols, the baking, the joy of shopping and finding the perfect gift for someone?  Or perhaps it’s completely random striking you at any moment when you’re most unsuspecting.

Today I was struck with the holiday spirit and got super excited about Christmas coming.  I do realize it’s not even yet thanksgiving by the way, but nonetheless I was excited.  Why you ask? Because Starbucks has released their holiday drinks and cups! Yes it sings out to the consumer in us all but it also reminds me of many happy memories shared over these red cups each year.  From my time in LA drinking coffee with Taryn and chatting about boys to tea with Phoenix and Sarah in Vancouver and sending care-packages to my now husband complete with a box of Joy tea, I love these red cups.

To cap it off, the guy behind the counter gave me a free little ornament as well today.  To be honest I probably would have preferred just a free coffee, but the ornament was a nice touch and heartfelt.  So, even though it’s November 1st and we have plenty of time to go, happy holiday season, may the games begin.

P.s. This isn’t just me it would seem there is a website with a countdown to the red cup appearance as well as a blog on starbucks website commenting on the excitement.  Google it for more info.