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So I have been sick, really sick actually.  Under house arrest – doctors orders, for a week.  Apparently I was (and maybe still am) highly contagious.  I wont bore you with the details but I can safely say this is the worst illness to ever have.  It sucks.  A lot.

I haven’t really been able to do anything but lay and watch movies, but today I am feeling better and so I thought I would type a blog.

I am reading a new book called Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore.  This boy has just been interviewed for a job in the bookstore and one of the interview questions was, “What’s your favorite book?”  And this got me thinking…. I’m not really sure if I could pick just one book.

I love Body and Soul for the story of the boy and how immersed in music the main character is.  I love, I Served the King of England, for it’s general quirkiness and I love The Book Thief for it’s incredible story.  These are all a bit heavy though and I can’t say that I would want to pick up and re-read any of these no matter the day or time or my mood.

Maybe a chick flick – but there’s none I would really want to bother reading again.  And they don’t get you inspired like a truly great book does.  No idea… have to think on it a bit further.

What’s your favorite?