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There are cameras in our elevators. Further, when your waiting on ground level in the elevator lobby there are tiny screens showing the camera images from each of the lifts.  This can be highly amusing.  As other isn’t too much traffic in our building its not always a given that you will see anyone in the lift lobby when coming down from your apartment leaving the elevator occupants to feel comfortable passing the time in their own ways. 

There are the preeners who make use of the mirrors to check out their outfit or do their hair.  The rockers who put their headphones on before they get in and spend the ride taping their toes or doing a little dance. The serious people who stand completely still. And a number of other categories. 

As to where I fit in…. I think I’m something of a mix but I must admit that lately I really feel tempted to jump in as quick as possible when the doors open and lean flat into the corner under the camera itself so I am in the blind spot.  Then pop out unexpectedly on the ground floor like a ghost.  I also must admit that this whole idea makes me feel like a spy on a mission.  And also like a bit of an idiot.