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I’ve been re-living  tv shows that I’ve loved recently.  Listening to them as I walk to and from work I”m slowly but surely moving through them.  Currently I’m on Season 4 of Sex and the City.  I love this show but I have to admit I do find myself occasionally blushing whilst walking along.  If only the very prim and proper older lady next to me knew what I was listening to, I am sure she would die from shock.

But this got me thinking., what are people listening to these days?  It used to just be music blaring out of our buds and now with the advent of podcasts and the ease of digital media it could be well and truly just about anything.

This reminded me of the days pre-kindles and smart phones and tablet computers where the occasional romance novel fan would hide their book in their lap in a half-hearted effort to maintain some privacy.  You always new when they were reading a particularly saucy part as they would inevitably blush and cast their eyes around to see if anyone was watching, as if the words on those pages were speaking out loud.  I of course wouldn’t know this from experience or anything.

Anyway.  It just had me thinking.  Now I see someone with headphones on I wonder what could be making their cheeks pink – maybe it’s just the cold.