Since we have no paper but are lucky enough to have WiFi in our hotel I’ve decided to make an effort to write a bit of a travel blog of our Cambodia trip so far. 

Today was day one officially.  Yesterday we got up around 6, cleaned, packed and made our way to the airport via limo bus.  Nothing too exciting about this though I did almost forget my wallet. 

The trip started off great with a gorgeous little Japanese soba/tempura lunch at the airport.  Followed by less than stellar airplane food which i didn’t really eat.  It did include some cute wrapped up fish though!

We also had some really good Chinese beer!


Which as you can see across the as ile was the drink of choice on this flight.


We flew to Phnom Penh via Public Dong airport in Shanghai which was…. Interesting.  The structure is quite impressive from the outside when you drive up to it.  Inside is also interesting.  Its huge.  9 minute walk from the center to the furthest gate. 

Built to feel like an outdoor shopping area the limited restaurants repeated themselves and served local fare like chicken feet and ice cream.  We went for a very expensive scoop of the later as we got our first ever taste of what its like behind the firewall.  Weird to realize there aren’t many unblocked sites I find interesting. 

We arrived in Cambodia around 1130 and went through immigration and handed a very relaxed customs official our importation paperwork.  Our tour guide picked us up and popped us in our car.

The hotel were staying in is really sweet.  Though at the moment its like trying  to sleep in a nightclub.  It also only has solar hot water so if your looking for a warm (not even hot) you have to let it run for a good 10-15minites first.  But its clean and well appointed and cute.  The staff are lovely too and breakfast was great. 


Today we spent the morning at the silver pagoda and the royal palace area.  Unfortunately the King recently died and this we couldn’t go into the palace but the pagoda areas were spectacular and seriously impressive. 

Afterwards we spent an hour at the Russian market which was fun.  Bout a few things and tried a local drink made of squashed sugarcane over ice with milk.  Pretty yum actually. 

Onto lunch at a touristy haunt.  Seriously allllll the guides brought their tour people here.  Not a local in the place and yet I am almost positive that we each said take us to a local restaurant you recommend while picturing a hole in the wall little known diamond in the rough.  It was good though and lovely setting. 

Following lunch we went to the genocide museum and then killing fields as well as the prison called s21.  Neither of us really know any words to cover this experience except to say the obvious… An awful heartbreaking tragedy in recent history that is far from easy to read and learn about. 

Needless to say we were both a bit shell shocked and grateful for a break at the hotel before dinner on ‘the Titanic’ at the riverside.  A nice way to finish the day.

Sadly Luke managed to break his big toe today as well so we’ve called it an early night and are just relaxing in the room listening to the music from the bar next door. 

All in all we are having a nice time if not taking some time to adjust our framework for travel in countries with such a history and present that differs so greatly from our own experiences.  Its certainly an education.