Again this is currently a reminder post for me to fill in more later. 

Day three highlight included

Getting up to see the kings swimming pool and temples at dawn.

Breakfast buffets with people who seem to be taking the identical trip as us.

Listening to jingle bells 40 times on repeat to help us feel at home on Christmas. 

Meg trying to get into someone else’s car thinking it was the tour car. 

Bugs.  Trees shaped like animals.  Doves and homemade sling shots.  Monkeys and elephants. 

Lunch next to a guy explaining racist language to a Korean guy who was over having company and so put his headphones on and pretended to sleep. 

Anti bacterial wipes for the forks and spoons

Crazy cat lady at 6am in her Garfield sweater

Getting followed around by children selling made in China toys

Dinner on a full stomach with tons of foreigners, which we drove to, from a block away.

Bug spray that corrodes nail polish

Watching wrestling and the Santa Claus on TV before bed.

Coconut and pineapples shakes and millions of local fresh fruit plates

Identical set menus.

Buddha with 54 faces