So I’m writing all of these days together as for day 4 I got food poisoning, day 5 we were too busy and well day 6 is still happening.  Update: didn’t finish this on day 6 so here is day 7 in with it too! Somewhere in this I lost a day. 

So day 4:

Spent the day at the rolus group temples built in the 800’s

Learning about flora and fauna so much so that we are sure we could now live off the land Bear Gyles style if we had to. 

Floating village sightseeing on our own boat.  Sort of like sightseeing local bathrooms and kitchens as they shower shave and do just about everything in these.  Very cool to see. 

Ingenious use of plastic bottles.

Taxis filled with 20 people orr more. 

Getting motion sick heat sick and food poisoned all in one day

Breaking the seal of having to be sick in the side of the road only to be sick in front of a health center 10 minutes later. 

Luke’s first Khmer massage complete with circulation loss.

Day 5

Touring up to the mountains

Beautiful waterfalls

Sad begging children who look after the tourists shoes

The river of 1000 penises. 

Mysterious other worldly underwater beach scene that fed the river

Amazing stone carvings

Praying for the end of unpaved roads

Toilets that flush by pouring more water in them and have escorts

10 postcards for a dollar

Pink bananas

Jackfruit ChapStick

Lunch at a furniture store

More fish run amok in a coconut

Pancakes made in a sandwich grill with condensed milk

Fresh seasonal fruit trays

Poor kittens held up by one ear

Dinner at nest and switching plates because we ate too much.

Day 6

Road trip!

Luke eating crickets and tarantulas for 50 cents

Lunch for two for 2.50 at a true local place

Insane road construction and driving conditions.  The can of death vs the tube of death remains a question.

Bikes on the foot path

Snake meat et al dried on the side of the road. 

Cocktails at sky bar.  Ice cream great burgers and many mai tai with a gorgeous sunset. 

Massages where people climb all over you then bring you ginger tea and make you fill out a survey. 

Day 7

Tour guides flowing us to the gas station ATM on the car while we walked.

Visiting a Chinese pagoda then the higher Cambodian one

Eating lotus root seeds

Confusing the tour guide with lack of a plan

Coffees that took forever only to be remade and then brought out again. 

Moving rooms and dismissing the guides

Dinner at the same place… Again…

Sweeney Todd half in Khmer and half in English with very creative subtitles which only slightly covered the anti pirating logo denoting that it shouldn’t have been airing on a national TV station public ally. 
Eating super hot basil frog legs… At least 17 tiny tiny froggies.

Whole deep fried river fish. 

Aussie show Just Add Water on HBO!