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So this is the ever necessary year-end wrap up post.  I like writing these, they’re a marker for what the year brought, and feels like closing a book and reading to read another.

This time in 2010, I was attempting to do some baking for the holiday season which was rather unsuccessful – here’s a reminder.

In 2011 we were readying for Tokyo and packing our house so I wasn’t doing much posting but I did do some lamenting about the lack of decorations in our house.

On that note – here’s what happened for us in 2012, it was a year of newness and firsts:

  • January kicked off with renting out our Brisbane Apartment and moving ourselves, sight un-seen, to Tokyo
Teeny Tiny

Teeny Tiny


  • February we were settling in and did lots of local sightseeing around Tokyo, based in our Ity Bitty Living Space apartment.  We also took our first major train ride to Nikko and saw the See No Hear No Speak No Monkeys (among other wonders).  Luke started work at his new job and started adjusting to the Japanese business environment.
  • Asakusa Temple

    Asakusa Temple

  • In March we moved into our new apartment and hosted my mom for our first Cherry Blossom Season which was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  We travelled with her to Hiroshima and Kyoto.  We also went to Hakone on our own for Luke’s birthday and experienced the joys of an onsen (public hot spring bath)



  • April and May saw me start teaching at Gaba and busy planning our wedding as well as doing some contract work in Osaka and Nagoya.
  • June saw a visit from Kate and Ryan to Tokyo which was definitely a highlight for the year!



  • In July I headed to the states for wedding activities and had a great time catching up with family and friends in what was the longest trip I’ve had in the states since before I moved to Australia even if I did miss the toilets in Japan a heck of a lot.
  • August was perhaps the best and worst month with the loss of my grandmother and our wedding celebrations at the early few weeks and then back to Tokyo to start the job hunt
  • True Wuv!

    True Wuv!

  • September and October were relatively mellow with me taking interviews and Luke back working hard.  We did have the chance to see a few other friends in these months which was great, and get out to a few great places around Tokyo
  • November was overshadowed by my illness which kept me housebound for over a week and still very unwell for some time following.  The rest of the month we celebrated my new job and I started some training.
  • December was full of very busy work schedules and lots of planning and organizing for our trip to Cambodia.  Highlights of which you can find here, and here, and here!
  • Cambodia


Now its New Years Eve and 2012 is rapidly coming to a close.  Sadly our celebrations are minimal as our bodies are still recovering from slightly questionable food and a lack of sleep on our trip, but nonetheless it’s been a fantastic year and we can’t wait to see what else 2013 has in store for us.

Our plans so far for next year:

  • A trip to Vietnam
  • Europe for our Honeymoon
  • In the states for a friend’s wedding
  • Lots of hard work and successes at my new job and Luke’s
  • Visits from both families and a few friends

Can’t wait!