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Today I have officially jumped off the cliff into domestic goddess overload. 

Thanks to Pinterest I found two BRILLIANT uses for plastic bottles.  Perhaps thanks to our recent trip to Cambodia where they use plastic bottles for ingenious purposes, I am home feeling inspired and eco-friendly.  Secondly, we have a ridiculous number of plastic bottles move through our house here for some reason.  Birds – meet the stone! 

First was this brilliant idea.  Open a new bag of something? (For me today this was some noodles).  Historically I have twisted and tucked the top of the bag to keep them closed – as we all know this is hardly foolproof for airtightness.  So why not cut off the top of your plastic bottle, slip it over the top, bend the plastic around the top edge and screw the bottle cap on and voila – airtightness!!  (In my head I’m in a cocktail dress on the home shopping network with 50’s coiffed hair telling you about this) 

The second amazing thing I did thanks to pinterest and this blog was to roll up my trash bags so you can pull them out like wet wipes when you need them.  This is a godsend in a 30 sq meter apartment.  I didn’t have the cute Clorex bottles they have in the article so I just used the bottom of the plastic bottle I’d cut the top off previously.  Amazing!! 

Anyway…. I just had to share.