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So I was coming home from dinner tonight and as I was walking up to the building I noticed that the plants were growing quite well – despite the recent snow… hardy little things.

Yes they are quite bushy indeed.  I may have mentioned previously that I recently discovered that not only are these lovely little plants lovely, but they are also useful – they’re rosemary!

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So coming home and remembering this and having them look so bushy and ready for a trim I thought I’d just pluck some off to bring back into the house for the next weeks cooking.

As I was plucking though – the whole plant came out of the ground.  Well mostly out.. really it was about 45% out and 55% still in… on one side.  I didn’t really mean to pull the plant out, I just wanted one little stem.

So, freaking out slightly as the entry door cameras and the security guards inside were no doubt watching this, I surreptitiously tapped my foot on the soiled base and re-planted it, while looking like I’d just picked something up off the ground and was examining it in my hand.  Ingenious I know.

Then I proceeded to calmly walk into the building as if nothing had happened.  Alas without a stem of rosemary.