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I was thinking tonight about childhood memories and how most of the time there are only a few that you really remember and talk about.  Big family holidays, pets you has or embarrassing moments maybe.  But it got me thinking that it’s kind of sad the other little things don’t get much of a spotlight. 

In my head some of these little moments are tightly connected to very vivid memories and things complete with emotional connections.  For example, I can’t remember when but I recall discussing joining girl scouts with my mom and looking at the catalogue of information.  I so wanted desperately to be a junior scout and to get to wear the green vest covered with shiny pins and merit badges.  Alas I only made it to brownie and I’m not even sure I completed more than one or two badges.  Nonetheless I can still feel how much I coveted a cool green vest at the time. Plus those girls were so much older and therefore cool.

But I thought I’d take a moment and just jot down a some of these other little moments and I recommend you do the same.

Watching the smurfs and Jetsons with my hair wet from swimming lessons drinking crystal light at my grandparents during summer and hearing the wind chimes outside

Going to 711 to buy slurpees and big chew bubble gum with my dad after daycare. 

Discovering worms under the swingset with some girls named Rachael and Alexandra

Learning to whistle with my fingers walking around the neighborhood at our new house with my best friend

Driving to Glenwood for the pools with my mom

Convincing my friend we could use our necklaces as walkie talkies in second grade

Thinking about trying to tie my first grade teachers show laces together during story time while she read the Z was zapped. 

Hearing my name and my mothers name on pbs as having bought tickets to go to see sesame street live while standing in the yellow room in kindergarten. 

Thinking it was strange there was a rabbit in the little red hen play and thinking the costume looked way too big.

Learning my eight from my left hand and associating it so strongly with what direction I was facing at my desk that for years I had to turn face that direction to be sure I was right

Sitting on laps to ‘drive’ to the mailbox. 

Talking a roll of film to capture what I thought was an amazingly amazing owl on our neighbors roof and getting all the other kids to do the same only to find out that it was plastic when the owners came out to see what was going on. 

There are many more but its time for bed.