No this is not about spiced tomato sauce but I thought it was a clever alliteration anyway.

I have a new job and I have been learning how to so it.  Forgive me for my silence.  Or not it doesn’t really matter.  Anyway I thought since I have a surprise few minutes I will catch you up on the goings on around here.

Outside of a great new job which although I am loving is running me off my feet; February came with lots of fun stuff.  My very oldest friend Angie came to town on her way to another foreign land and it was so great to see her and do a bit of touristing together.   Which led to thus embarrassing photo:


We also ramped up the romance with a lovely dinner at our favorite soba noodle place in Roppongi.  We also discovered that maybe a so a restaurant isn’t too exciting or romantic for people here as pore plans were always meet with funny looks and the question “So a? Really?” But we like it and had fun drinking California wine then going home to eat fabulous cake.  Evidence of said cake here:


We also had a trip to the new aquarium which is quite impressive if not a bit tiny.  Nonetheless it was fun.  We went with my boss and her seriously gorgeous little girl which is the reason this photo will be haunting me:  yes that is a penguin on my head.


Feb also saw Luke in Texas for the first time on business which was sad for me but fun for him.  He’s going back there this week actually.  For me this means more time spent at work or out for drinks and dinner with work friends.

He flies back in the same day his parents arrive for their first foray into the far east.  Kicking March off with a bang.  Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us.

That’s all for now folks.  Hopefully I’ll find a bit more time to keep this up to date as things settle down a bit.