So my new job, yes it would be good to explain I guess.  In short I am working as a recruiter, matching people with jobs and jobs to people.

I spend most of the day running around meeting either companies or candidates and then coming back to the office to send out resumes and schedule interviews.  Its sort of a mix of sales and marketing and HR.

I’m super busy, at work until 10 or later some nights but it’s all in the name of pushing something through and what a nice feeling it is to know that you’ve introduced someone to a position and that they’re happy in it and it’s the next step in their career plan.

Anyway, that’s it in a nutshell.  It’s fun and I’m happy there so far, my team is great and the other people in the office are awesome.  There’s even ice creams available to buy for 100 yen as a snack if you like, free coffee and tea and a lot of nice benefits.

Not much more to say on that.  I’ll keep you posted on any excitement!!