Since I haven’t written in quite some time and yet I don’t have a presently inspired topic here are a few things to think on:

The other day I took a picture of a woman in a blue dress in the morning only to see her again that night across town headed the same way as me again.  This may not seem amazing but if you take into account Tokyo has 34 million people I was pretty excited. Its true, doesn’t take much.


Tonight I saw a guy skipping down the street in a tux.  Gene Kelly style.  Love it.  Also love how okay it is for guys here to wear truly whatever they want and to have less macho interests without judgement or ridicule.

This week I was talking to a friend about the death of language and vocabularies.  Obviously I mean the sort of poetic language of wonderful books and poetry.  Do you think in 50 years someone will be longing for language like ‘brb’ or ‘catch lata’? Hard to imagine but it does have its own melodic line.  That said, I would have loved to have known a bard and lived in a time where language in all forms was like the magic of movies these days.

Also, I have been considering a new hobby, a friend makes gorgeous candles and has offered to show me how… Dangerous I know.  Me + crafting has already resulted in fire alarms going off and I was only making a little bag at the time.  What could go wrong with something that’s meant to be lit?! Can’t wait!

Finally, I have been meeting a lot of filmy types recently who have asked me to work on projects with them.. Who knows maybe time to pull out the quill again.  Stay tuned.

Enough for now.  I will aim to be better about getting back into this.