At work I write on average 200 emails a week or so. The reasons behind these are many however a larger than average (then in the states that is) bunch of them fall into what I’ve termed the vortex of politeness.

It goes something like this:

Them: Here is some information

Me: Thank you for the information, here is my response

Them: Thank you for your response, here is my response.

Me: Thank you for your response I will action this.

Them: Thank you

Me: Thank you

Them: No, thank you!

I may have gotten a bit carried away there with the last bit but it has happened that there seems to be this yearning pull demanding a protocol of having the last polite word.

I have to admit that secretly sometimes I am sorely tempted to keep it going just to see how many thank you’d we would get to. Round and round we go swirling on and on in gratitude.