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Confession – Seriously guilty pleasure – Cheesy (and by cheesy I mean low-rent/budget/b movie) horror films.


Vamp Eyes

This comes, no doubt, with many thanks to my film school professors’ penchant for violent, independent films by semi-self proclaimed auteurs.  But truly, what is not to love when you watch something so deliciously inauthentic.  It’s refreshing in fact to watch something that is simple entertainment.  For example, tonight I watched a film recommended by a friend. It’s an 1980’s vampire flick and my favorite parts included:

  • Squirt guns filled with holy water
  • Death by stereo
  • Over zealous use of Wilhelm screams
  • Hundreds of pounds of dry ice and red lightbulbs to create ‘the mood’
  • Less than subliminal use of religious themes to create a blatantly axiomatic subtext
  • Heroes riding in with ice cream truck theme music – oh the loss of innocence and yet it saves the day – rejoice!  Oh wait there’s more!

How can it not be enjoyable with all that in it.  Too often horror films forget that they should be closer to comedy than drama (in my humble opinion).  Terrifying is one thing but pair it with a reasonable amount of comic relief and you have a film people can actually stand to watch again without nightmares.