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Were on our honeymoon.  Our trip kicked off with brunch at one of my favorite places in Tokyo, Mercer Brunch.  Seriously amazing French toast!  We even clinked a glads of champagne to celebrate. 

Then the travel began.  Note: I apologze in advance as these will likely be more detailed than normal as I want to make sure I am remembering all the little things in the future for us.   

And so, Bus to Narita, flight to Shanghai, 4 hours in the business class lounge that I am sure had fleas (discovered at hour 2 so we left… Obviously) then boarded a flight to Paris.  By the way, I am pretty sure that a plane ticket which says to Paris must be the most fun thing I have ever held in my hand. The flight was lovely, we slept 7 hours and woke up arriving at Charles de Galle. Off the plane and caught our ride into one of the most beautiful cities I have had the pleasure to visit.

We spent the day wandering the streets going to the Musae d’orsay the Eiffel tower and seeing the sites.  We walked 9.miles in total and had a picnic lunch with amazing bread and cheese from Rue Clear formagarie, a roasted chicken leg from the local butcher plus the most amazing raspberries ever for dessert. 

Heading back to the hotel we had dinner at Kei, a new 1 Michelin star restaurant that is owned by a Japanese chef who studied under Alan Ducasse.  Amazing.  We had such a great time.  Great food great wine and great service.   Though occasionally slightly unnerving as, if we would discuss something like wanting a wine list or wondering if it was already selected a wine list suddenly appeared.  Butter for the bread or olive oil? Out come both! It was fabulous and we stayed 4.5 hours eating drinking and laughing.  Mostly at the fact that Luke couldn’t understand our waiters at all despite that they all spoke great English.

The next two days we spent going to the Louvre, Versailles and a cruise along the Seine all beautiful all fabulous and loved every minute.  It was definitely a hard place to leave.

More to come as we head to Florence!