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Leaving Roma we headed to Stuttgart, Germany by plane.

On arrival we took the train to the hotel and instantly were feeling a bit more like we were back in Japan, (Cleaner and with better signage etc than Italy).  The hotel we stayed at was by far the best of our trip.  Completely lovely in terms of furnishing and appointment but perhaps what was nicest of all were the staff at the check in counter who discovered we were on our honeymoon, upgraded us to a suite and gave us great information about things to see and do and then sent a bottle of champagne up to our room.  They firmly solidified themselves in the 5 star category for us within the first 3 minutes of arrival.


As we arrived in the evening we had asked for a recommendation for some local fare and were directed to either a place in town (which we went to the next day) or the hotel restaurant.  The local fare isn’t necessarily what we’d term traditional German food, but actually called Schwaban (named for the cultural/historic region of Swabia which Stuttgart lies within and which has quite an interesting history in itself).  It’s quite hearty food and truth be told we didn’t bother with breakfast or much of lunch the next day as we were still full from dinner at this place.  I had Maultaschen which is apparently quite traditional and is basically like meat filled rolled pasta which can be served sliced up and within a sort of omelet or just as balls with caramelized onions on the side.  I had mine the former way and although it was a full dinner plate round they also brought potato salad and a green salad and some bread… which I couldn’t possibly have eaten.  It was good if not a bit overwhelming.  Luke had the Swabian equivalent to a spam steak also with potato salad.  He was not such a fan but it was a fun experience.

The main reason we came here was for this:



And for this:



My husband being more than your average car aficionado we knew we couldn’t come to Europe without visiting these two places.  We were rewarded with interesting insights and information on both companies and their social as well as automotive history.  After walking around all day we took ourselves to the hotel spa and had a massage and relaxed

The next day we got up early and met our Taxi tour guide who was great and spent 2.5 hours driving us all over town and giving us a bit of a history lesson and pointing out what everything was.  This was a great way to do it given we had little time in the city and this gave us a nice overview.  We think we’ll come back. This was  a really relaxing and beautiful city.