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A few weeks ago my hubcap and I stumbled across the local government’s disaster preparedness expo.  

It was surprisingly well done with lots of interactive exhibits like the earthquake simulator, a firetruck and ambulance you could climb around in, search and rescue dogs, a tent filled with smoke to show you how to escape safely and even an exhibit on helping the disabled. 

It was full of people, young and old preparing themselves for any sort of disaster and learning about things – what’s not to love. 

Along one side were a row of tents where businesses who sold survival packs and things like those amazing water maker things that make water out of thin (read: extremely humid) air. Yes those are the technical terms.  After helping ourselves to a cup of purified water from the ultra humid air that is summer in Tokyo, we went to the next tent.  Here they were making flashlights!   

Three sheets of carbon paper, magnesium and copper plus a few bits of paper towel; add a light and pop it in a plastic case and voila you have a flashlight.  To turn it on you simply dip it in a bit of water and the led bulb at the top will turn on….. forever.  That would be the one flaw – there is no off switch.   Here is a picture of my finished product: 



Hubcap and I were sure it would turn off as soon as it got dry and given the very small amount of water that it had been dunked in surely that wouldn’t take long.  


Three weeks later, this is the view at night of my bedside table: 



This little light of mine – yes it continues to shine.  Turns out I made a long lasting, extremely low emission, environmentally friendly flashlight that seems to have never ending juice.  I am amazing.   

*note admittedly the guy did tell us that it would last about a month.  Nonetheless it’s awesome, we’re still impressed and I’m super proud of myself.