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More reasons to love Japan.

So apologies for the delay in writing.  Life got in the way as happens occasionally.  Anyway, here is a quick one based on fun things that have appeared on sides of the road this week around Tokyo. 

1.  Taken about 10pm in front of our grocery store a pop up fresh squeezed juice truck.  Who doesn’t want a fresh squeezed juice at 10pm.  This has been a seriously neglected market. 


Also love that only one person could fit in the truck.  Also think it’s awesome he’s done this and clearly put good effort in.  Love it.

2.  Wall of orchids.  Totally gorgeous.  Enough said.


I would like this in my house all the time.  Without the bugs… Or the dying of flowers… And someone to take care of it who doesn’t kill plants would be good too. 

3. Surprise its a festival.  This shouldn’t be a surprise by now as there are festivals here but nonetheless the are fun to come upon.  This group had both ladies and men dancing in traditional dress plus a whole group if drummers and strummers. 


Et voila.  That was my week, what was yours?