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Over a month since I’ve posted anything!! Ridiculous!  No excuses, lets just get on with it.

I have two stories I’ve been wanting to add, both have been mild heart-attack inspiring events for me in the last few month or so.

But first, take a moment and think about how addicted you are to your phone.  Do you check it compulsively?  Do you hear phantom vibrations and reach for your pocket or purse only to discover there’s no change?  Do you no longer own a camera or bother taking one on holiday with you because you know you’ll have your phone?  I am one of these people… mostly.  My phone completely connects me to everything I need.  My personal files, work files, emails for all accounts, bank accounts, social networking, my library etc etc etc..

So you can imagine my distress on discovering I had lost it somewhere in a country I don’t speak the language in, where I hadn’t registered it as lost on my android account so I couldn’t remotely wipe it, where about an hour after noticing it was missing I rang it and no-one answered so I rang again and it was turned off.  Stolen for sure.  I mean it is a smart phone, a nice one at that.  Relatively new and unscratched I was about 95% sure it was gone for good.  Out of desperation, On a whim we travelled to the police station on the corner where I asked in very stilted Japanese, “Keitai desu ka?” followed by a sad face and..”lost.”  The officer brought me in and asked me a few questions and i filled out some paperwork and when I was done, he opened a drawer and calmly pulled out my phone that some amazing person had turned in.  Hooray for awesome people who do the right thing. 🙂

The other Amazing people story happened the other night when I turned homeless. Having lost my house key and only realizing it at about 9pm after the stores were closed and my concierge had gone home for the night my lovely friends saved the day, giving me a place to stay.  And 711 came through with all the things I’d need too, pj’s a toothbrush, face soap et al.   Luke helped out too getting a new key made for me while he was still state-side with my spare.  I picked it up the next day and was back with a roof over my head nearly 24 hours later – hizzah.

People are amazing, and great and I know some particularly awesome ones.  <– lucky me.

In other news, happy holidays and hopefully I’ll have a few more posts for you soon.  And some photos!