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Each year it seems that there is something which strikes me about the holiday season.  This year perhaps it took a bit longer as it’s already Christmas Eve here in Japan.

But tonight, as I was walking back from the shopping center, buying a few things to make a nice Christmas Eve dinner for hubcap and myself, I was reading my email which closed with another ‘Very Merry Christmas’ wish, and I was struck by how nice it is to receive such wishes.

This year in emails, in person, and just a few cards, in this country which for the most part doesn’t technically celebrate Christmas, I have received a multitude of well wishes for a Happy and/or Merry Christmas and every time it has made me smile.

It’s just a theory, but I think that the warm hearted, sincere, with no ulterior motive, good vibes from friends, family and strangers alike have a lot to do with what the actual ‘Holiday Spirit’ is all about.  Further, I would wager that the holiday season, no matter what you celebrate is kicked off, not by lights on the shelf at the local superstore, or sales a day after Thanksgiving but by 2 little words, “Happy Holidays.”

Perhaps if we treated each other so warmly the rest of the months in the year there really would be peace on earth and goodwill toward men.  I say, let’s make it a resolution.

Mini Tree

Mini Tree