I love books about Magic.  I think these days they are categorized as ‘Magic Realism’ to be specific. 
This is not to say they’re all about witches and warlock or other mythical magic folk, but in particular I like the ones with a bit of unique everyday magic and stories of normal people with slightly mysterious ways.  One of my favorite books like this is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  One of my new favorite books is called Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. 
I think what I like about these books is how natural the magic part is to the characters and that the shock and awe of it aren’t the focus.  Indeed in the later book, the magic is more an inherent part of someone and not exclusive to one group of ‘special’ people or a learned talent.  Instead it’s a gift that comes naturally and flows out of each person differently.  I’d like to think this is somewhat true in real life outside the story.
Individuals do carry magic I think, though many times it’s perhaps most hard to recognize in ourselves its still there in the uniqueness that makes us who we are and in the parts of us which inspire, incite to action or keep the peace as the case may be. 
If I think of my closest friends and family members I can see that part of what I love about these people is their own magic and how it flows into others and influences them for the better.  For example, my hubcap is grounding.  He is sure, stayed and loyal.  He is calm and settled and just speaking to him levels me and pretty much anyone I know who has regular contact with him.  I can practically hear all our shoulders relax and release the breath we were holding when he’s around.  On the other hand one of my best friends inspires mischief, and curiosity.  My mother the ability to warm, mediate and make anyone feel able to take the right path.  My father inspires generosity and open mindedness in those who meet him.  My grandfather consideration, thoughtfulness and patience.  I could go on and on and on, but the moral here is too keep on the look out for magic in those around you.  Life is better with a bit of the mysterious, what’s your magic?