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I am confident that there’s some sort of warp in the space-time continuum which makes years, months, weeks, days and hours speed up as you get older.

I know this because when younger I am confident I fit many many more things into my day and still had time to go out several nights a week plus do homework and manage a part-time job.

I also know that because somehow while doing all the above I also managed a ridiculous amount of sleep per night.  Like maybe 10 hours or something.  On top of this my house was miraculously clean and there was food in the fridge

And now, now I get up and go to work and come home by the end of the week to what looks like a hurricane has blown through and the fridge contains a bottle of wild Africa and some Dijon mustard.. oh and usually a jar of capers from that time where I forgot I don’t have any time anymore.

It doesn’t feel like my list of responsibilities has really gotten any longer.  If anything it seems to have gotten shorter, I get less sleep, see my friends slightly less, and as stated above never have food in the fridge or clothes in the closet.

So it must be true!  As you age, moment by moment, the seconds, minutes, hours and days speed up until one day you realize…. In 6 weeks I’ll be 30 and I still haven’t really figured out how to manage all this stuff that has to get done.  Feels like I’ll be 40 next year 50 a month after and 60 will follow only moments later.

So much to do… so little time.