It’s true. Everything is bigger in Texas.. In comparison actually everything seems GIGANTIC. Seriously the cheese aisle in the Super Target has the equivalent length of shelf space to the entire grocery store I went to in Tokyo.  Which brings me to the next large thing, not only physically imposing in size but mentally it’s an overwhelming number of choices to have to whittle down to one.  It’s not only cheese either, there are at least 30 kinds of well.. everything.  Detergent, coffee, noodles, juice… chocolate, don’t even get me started on the bread.  BREAD!! 

Perhaps I never mentioned it but we were a bit short of choice on the bread front in Japan.  Yes, we chose between three types.  White bread in 3 slices, White bread in 6 slices, White bread in 8 slices. I’m not complaining, they made great grilled cheese sandwiches when we were over bentos, but I do have to admit that I look like a tourist at the grand canyon for the first time.  I’m sure the oh wow’s floating to the other shoppers an aisle over must be confusing.  

It’s a strange kind of wonderful I guess to have so many choices and to have so much room to store things, but on the other hand it does take me about 10 times as long to do the grocery shopping, and so far I haven’t been able to walk out without doubling my expected bill.  But like I said.  EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas.