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There was a super-moon.  Not sure if you heard about it or not but there was one, apparently they happen a few times a year.  What is a super-moon you ask?  Well, let me tell you – in short its a bigger, brighter, shiny-er moon than normal.  Read a real explanation about them here: http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2014/10jul_supermoons/

Anyway, so there was this moon and I like astronomy stuff and so I was excited about this moon and was going to head out with my good camera and get some photos of the brighter shiny-er moon and so I did a bit of research.

Of course it’s always easier to do astrological observations from higher areas not necessarily because they’re closer to the sky but because it usually helps with dimming the light pollution from the cities and thus you can see better.  SO, I Google: “Where is the highest point in Houston.”. And sure enough, the little people inside my computer gave me all the info I needed and as it turns out the highest place in Houston is 310feet…….That’s it.  310 FEET in elevation.  That’s a mound. A mound!  I couldn’t even qualify it as a hill really, it’s practically a pile, and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t do much regarding the light pollution issue minus that it’s an hour outside the city which may take care of that on its own.

Nothing against it, to be sure, I’m sure it’s a very nice mound/hill/pile but really 310ft being the high point made me crave the mountains of Colorado and I just couldn’t quite be bothered.  So instead I just had a look off my balcony and well; it was cloudy.