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It started with a fly.  I went to bed, minding my own business only to discover a fly in the bedroom.  Eagerness regarding the sunshine day outside led me to open the doors and windows wide letting the breeze blow in; and a fly.  So for a few minutes I chased the fly around my room before he headed into the bathroom where I promptly locked him in so I could go to sleep.

Tucked in, I closed my eyes, sure that I could hear buzzing.  “This must just be in my head, like when you see an ant on you and then you feel like there are ants all over you everywhere but they’re not, it’s all in your head.  The fly is in the bathroom.”.

Dozing off I awoke again with a start, no, that was a definite buzzing, right by my head.  Covers thrown off, legs swinging out of bed, I turned on the light and scratched my arm.  A mosquito, not only disrupting my sleep but taking liberties with my forearm.  This was war.

Opening the closet I chose my weapon, my green flip flop would surely do the job credibly.  And so I marched around my house in search of the intruder and found him perched on the ceiling.  Climbing the chair, I approached.  Slowly but surely moving towards my unsuspecting friend then BAM!  I whacked the wall, watching as moments before collision he escaped!

I think mosquitos have evolved to have a 6th sense of approaching flip flops.  They’ve also donned invisibility cloaks as after several more minutes of searching I can’t find him anywhere and have settled down with a cup to tea to wait.  He can’t hide forever.  And in the meantime, maybe I’ll fall asleep.