So we own a house now.  Yes, very exciting.  No, unfortunately due to the fact that the internet already knows more about me than I do, I’m not going to share where. But it’s pretty exciting.  Overwhelming and Exciting…

We have discovered several things as new home owners:

1. Buying a house = a really expensive hobby that will suck up your entire weekend with chores that you get excited about doing (weird)

2. We own trees and bushes and things that we have no idea how to take care of.

3. It’s hard to find each other when there are multiple rooms.

4. Our new Friday night crew are the guys on the late shift at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

5. There are keypads and wires and cables that we had no idea existed.  Seriously, our pool has an app.  The garage motor we’re thinking of putting in has one too.  No joke.

I could go on, and probably will but really I started writing this to tell you about how we got lucky.

When the seller moved out his movers stuck tape on the floor to protect it from the objects going in and out.  When they took off said tape, they unknowingly alerted us to a built in scratch-it ticket that is our kitchen floor – meaning when they took off the tape they took off a layer of finish as well.  Or so we thought.

Turned out we liked the color of the tile that was revealed better than what was originally installed and thus we began investigating options to remove this throughout the kitchen.  This is the part where I tell you that Scrubbing Bubbles makes my whole life.  Hitchhiker’s got it wrong, scrubbing bubbles is the answer.

After cleaning our bathrooms I decided to spot test the bubbles on the floor and to my surprise we discovered that that lovely finish wasn’t really finish at all but grime!  Ew!

When soaked with Scrubbing Bubbles for about 20 minutes it gets sticky and can be relatively easily scrubbed off with a scouring pad!  Oh the excitement!  I’m pretty positive that the silvery glue-y stuff they put on those scratch-its is identical to whats on the floor.  If I had a giant coin I may have tried to use that but instead it was me, Cinderella-style on my knees scrubbing away whistling while I worked.

Then my husband gave me an awesome mop which has changed my life.  It has a scrub brush attached and now, 4 entire bottles of scrubbing bubbles later – we have won the kitchen scratch-it lotto and have a virtually new, clean floor!

I realize this may not be so exciting to some, in fact I’m sure some of you are wondering, “why would she bother writing about this,”  but really it’s the small victories that make a house of chores rewarding.  I’m feeling lucky enough i may even go buy a real scratch-it.  Except I just bought a house…