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Remember that time that you went to yoga and laid out your freshly washed towel on your mat only to have your purple underwear roll out too, and not just out but off your mat and perilously close to your neighbors mat?  Nope, me neither… definitely don’t remember that like it was literally yesterday… hah, would never happen hey… except for that one time.. when it did.

Life has thrown me a few lemons recently.. or maybe we should say a tree, a lemon tree.  Orchard perhaps? Either way it’s led me back to yoga which is a good thing and I’m enjoying it.  That being said, it also led to the aforementioned story taking place. Yep, purple underwear.  Right out there in the open.  What’s worse perhaps is that in the studio there’s kinda no where to put it after that.  Like you have your water bottle, your yoga block and well there’s just nothing else but floor space between you and your neighbor.  Those six inches apart seem pretty close when you have a ball of underwear sitting there.  Then class starts and you can’t sneak out to put it with your shoes or anything.

So I faked it, they didn’t completely look like underwear.  I mean it’s not like they laid out all flat.  The lacy edges may not have helped my argument for ‘oh this? this is just a sweat towel,’ but what can you do.  I’m pretty sure everyone but my nearest neighbor bought it.  Of course they did.  And if not, it’s a funny story they can go tell their friends.

And the moral of this story? Always check for underwear before putting your towel in your bag.  Static cling has a vicious sense of humor.